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Hi! This is my new and official artblog. Please follow me if you think you like my works. Thank you! ❤️

Feel free to browse :D

some random violet gurl doodle.

Some Koujaku doodles

was testing out if I succesfully reinstalled my tablet since it didn’t work on the previous try with Photoshop. and luckily.. YUP. it’s all daijoubu now X’D

what kind of face am I making there… :))))

I feel like redoing the awkward hair. Will try to color this on sai . :ppppp
Actuaaly i felt like doing schoolworks, but it’s just that I can’t calm down unless i do some personal shiz. XD

Ermmmmm….. #sketch #doodle #drawing #random

Sketch practice for tonight. I’m getting used with some parts. I think practice really does work. XD still need to make changes.
Goodnight 😴

Studying & practicing 😭💦 #sketch #practice #figure #pose

Birthday gift to one of my dearest friends 😂😂😂🐖🐷🐽

Morning practice sketch #sketch #drawing #female #practice

Sketch before The end of my day. I think I like noses now.
Too sleeepy. Goodnight #sketch #doodle #practice #drawing

Kawaii hauls yesterday at #kawaiiinmanila2 !!!
Together with my bae bought some diy candy kits, and finally … Got @kawaii_ph shirt ❤️, print of LMP @chichilittle (with sign ☺️☺️☺️), cookie&cofee from @rainbowholic_cafe , and can’t resist that panda stocking 🐼(atleast buy some panda stuff at an event). Also souvenirs from the #kawaiiworkshop.
Totally worth everything.
Plus free unlimited ice cream & cotton candy.
More powers and looking for the next kawaii event ❤️🌈 ! Hart.hart

Cutie me & you :> mehehehehe.

everytime I’m in the middle of drawing… KROO KROO KROO :))
I just start to reflect and ask myself, WAT AM I DOING? HOW DO I DO DIS. WTF
then I start to doodle myself. XD

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